7 Ultimate Email Sales Conversion Tactics [Infographic]

These are the 7 most powerful email conversion (or email marketing) tactics in 2019.

So if you want to significantly:

  • Improve email open rate
  • Engage subscriber into a conversation
  • Turn more subscribers into customers

Then you’ll love this sh*t.

Let’s get started!

Getting Started

Recently I was working with an e-com company; they sell women apparel and beauty products. I got refer by one of my friends, and my job was to write their high converting email sequences and handle email marketing campaign.

Their last email marketing campaign was doomed to blackhole. So I had to analyze their previous email campaign, to check the reason behind failure, to make sure if there something i must avoid in the next campaign.

After, I scanned the internet for high converting email ideas and inspiration. While stalking the very best in the business, I finally wrote my top converting email sequences. I scheduled it, 

and after it got sent to clients, sales took off the ground, and it was a huge hit.

Sales increased to 12.43X within one month. I’m going to share those top 7 email ingredients I used in email sequences.

And that’s not all; I’ll also show you how to create and add it right in your emails step by step

Make sure to read every single word of those seven tactics, which will change your email marketing campaigns forever.

  1. Animated GIF
  2. Countdown Timer
  3. Skimmable Email Body
  4. Resumable Video
  5. Signature
  6. Iconic Subject Line (with 27 sale in 2 hour story)
  7. Post Script (PS)
Bonus: I’ve created infographic of these 7 ultimate tactics, so you can hang it in your office wall. You’re welcome 😉

1. Animated GIF

Fascinating short muted trailer

Let me ask you a question!

Have you ever seen any website or landing page, which has a cool animated GIF in it–– of your favourite character?

If Yes.. how you felt??

If No.. how will you feel, when you see your favourite celeb/model/mentor or even your mom moving right in your inbox?

Is it going to be tempting to click on it and watch the rest of the video(if that’s video, obviously )?

Hell yeah! That’s going to be fascinating, I mean certainly, no one can stop me from clicking on it and watching it.

Well, the good news is, you can use animated GIF right in your email.

Dozens of tests have shown that including a clickable image in your email messages increases clicks immensely, especially when the image is an action screenshot(GIF) from a video.

It gives an initial feeling about that video, kind of muted video trailer which looks fascinating(your fans love to see you moving right in their inbox).

Russell Brunson is one of the highest paid speaker in the world, uses an animated GIF in his flagship Expert Secrets book funnel. When you click on that animated image; video start playing, he sold over hundreds of thousands of his book, BTW if you run any business, you should get his book (it’s free). rIt’s next to incredible, thank me later 😉

Russell Brunson Video GIF

Animated GIFs are rising

Over the last handful of months many guru’s(even me, I’m not guru though ;)) using animated images to the top of several email messages and seeing an even higher click-through rate.

There are several free online resources you can use to take a tiny portion of any video and turn it into an animated GIF you can use in email. Below I’m going to show exactly how to step by step.

let’s dive in!

Step by step guide to create and add

Animated GIF in Your Email.

We will create our GIF file using Ezgif.com, it’s an excellent free online software which allows us to create GIF file from tiny video, so once we have our GIF we also need a place to host it, 

Because GIF files are usually larger than the image, so we need a dedicated place to host it and for making it smooth and load faster. For that, we will use Giphy.com (it’s free).

Step - 1

Choose a video you want to turn into GIF (Max file size: 100MB, if you haven’t cropped yet don’t worry will do right in the tool, just note down the  start and end time), and if your video is already online that’s great, you can use URL.

Step - 2

 Visit Ezgif.com. Click on “video to GIF” menu, then if you have a video in your computer select that file else you can enter video URL and click the “upload video” button(as shown on the figure below)

Step - 3

If you haven’t cropped your video for GIF yet, now it’s time, enter start and end time of the video you want your GIF for and click convert to GIF.  (as shown on the figure below)

Step - 4

 Your GIF file is ready, go ahead, and hit save icon. (as shown on the figure below)

Step - 5

Visit Giphy.com, and login(or signup for an account if you don’t have), after login at the top menu you will see “upload” button click on it. (as shown on the figure below)

Step - 6

Now you can see three options to upload it in Giphy,  

  • Browse you GIF file from your PC.
  • Drag and drop it or enter the URL of gif file(if it’s already on the internet).

So choose your file and move to the next step. (as shown on the figure below)

Step - 7

Now click on the “upload to GIPHY” button. (as shown on the figure below)

Step - 8

Now in the right vertical menu, you will see the “Copy Link” button, click, and in the left, you will see your GIF links. Use 2nd one in your emails.  (as shown on the figure below)

Assuming that you are using Mailchimp.com.(it’s free, you can use any email service) as email service, visit your mail editing dashboard where you want to add a GIF image.

Step - 9

On email editing dashboard, (as shown on the figure below)

  1. Click & hold “code” menu and 
  2. Drag it where you want to add your countdown.  (as shown on the figure below)
Step - 10

On the top right, there is code section (as shown on the figure below)

  1. Create image tag- 
<img src="[URL OF GIF]" style=""/>
  1. GIF will not be in centered automatically, so for making it in centre paste this code
display:block; margin: 0 auto; 

in style. And save it.  (as shown on the figure below)

That’s it; 

Now you have fascinating “Animated GIF” in your email.

A step by step guide to create and add animated GIF in your email by #rahulgirihq

2. Countdown Timer

Adding powerful scarcity in your email.

Let me ask you something!

Have you ever done shopping on amazon?

If you have ever bought anything from Amazon, then you already know that countdown timers ticking down to a deadline in that product page are a compelling way of adding urgency to the sales offers

It’ also a very critical part of scarcity marketing — fear of missing out (FOMO).

Adding a countdown to your sales pages is a simple way to convey scarcity and drive more conversions. (be sure there is a legitimate deadline else you will lose authenticity)​

But wait, did you know you can also add dynamic countdown timers right within the body of your email messages? Like this-

Countdown Timer - 7 Ultimate Email Sales Conversion Tactics by Rahul Giri

Well, many gurus use this tactic during a live product launch, counting down to the cart closing(or price will be raised after).

And, the emails with the countdown timer had a higher CTR (sometimes as high as 29% more) than the emails without the countdown timer.

Let me show you how can you add it in your email step by step.

Let’s dive in!

Step by step guide to create and add

Countdown in Your Email.

Well for creating email countdown timer I use Sendtric.com (it’s free, and you don’t have to signup), that’s what I’m gonna use here.

So here are steps.  (as shown on the figure below)

Step - 1

visit Sendtric.com.

And fill the following primary fields. (as shown on the figure below)

  1. Your email.
  2. Time zone of you countdown.
  3. The end time of your timer and.
  4. language of timer.
Step - 2

Now design your timer, choose  (as shown on the figure below)

  1. Background of timer.
  2. Colour of labels.
  3. Colour of countdown “Digits”.
Step - 3

Now it’s time to generate our timer,  (as shown on the figure below)

  1. Check to agree.
  2. Click generate button.
  3.  at the very right copy “HTML timer code”. (we need to put this code in our email body, will do next)
Step - 4

Assuming that you are using Mailchimp.com.(it’s free, you can use any email service) as email service, visit your mail editing dashboard where you wanna add countdown timer.

On email editing dashboard,  (as shown on the figure below)

  1. Click & hold “code” menu and 
  2. Drag it where you want to add a countdown timer.
Step - 5

On top right, there is code section,  (as shown on the figure below)

  1. Paste your “HTML Timer Code” you have copied in 10th number(in step 4), you will see your timer appeared in the left where you dropped “code” menu.
  2. The timer will not be in centered automatically, so for making it in center paste this code margin: 0 auto; in style . And save it.(as shown on the figure below)

That’s it; 

Now you have “powerful scarcity” as a countdown timer in your email. 

A step by step guide to create and add countdown timer in your email by #rahulgirihq

3. Skimmable Email Body

Making your email easy to skim

Let me ask you a question.

How many emails you open and find it tempting to read on?

1% or even lower.

Dozens of test have shown that people are skimmers these days, they do not read anything in whole at first glance they skim to see if that’s page or email is for them or not.

Just think what it will do to your conversion rate if your customer opened your email and quickly skimmed that email– to find something which catches his(or her) attention and if your email didn’t, he(or she) moves on to read next email.

To boost your email conversion, It’s vital to make your email body skim-friendly, so your clients can quickly see what’s in that email for them.

Selena Soo does it best.

She’s the only lady who makes me tempting to read her emails(i wonder how she knows that I’m skimmer 😉 ).

Selena Soo is publicity and marketing strategist, she’s 7 figure business owner, and she’s just amazing at what she does, below is one of her welcome email screenshot, I mean look at how amazingly skimmable her email is. I can read this entire email in 10 seconds.

Always make sure your email copy is skim-friendly, so you can allow your client to go through your entire email as quickly & eye-friendly as possible.

I also recommend subscribing to Selena Soo (or anyone who you admire most) newsletter to get inspiration for writing great skimmable emails.

That’s it;

Now you know the most compelling way to write your email body.

Writing skimmable Email Body by #rahulgiri

4. Resumable Video

Best for retargeting and engagement.

Have you ever watched a portion of a video on youtube? Left the page. Then went back to watch the rest of the video later on and that video is started from exactly where you left off last time, and you are like great.

Just imagine, if you do not add resumable support to your video sales letter.

Well, in most cases, when there are no player controls on the video, when you return later to watch it again, you have to start all over again.

Just imagine what this does to your engagement level with prospects, especially when you have a 20 or 30-minute video(or evergreen webinar which can be hours long).

The likelihood of a prospect re-watching the video again goes way down when you force them to re-watch the portion they’ve already seen.

What Resumable Video does is allow the prospect to choose whether they want to watch the video from the beginning again, or pick-up at the exacts spot in the video where they left off.

Here is an example-

This way, when you send prospects back to the video, via your email follow-up sequence, they can continue watching the video from the point they stopped watching it.

This is powerful when you’re using video tracking to see how far into the video a prospect watched. For prospects that don’t complete the video, you can have targeted follow-up that sends them back to watch the rest starting at the exact point they stopped.

You can use almost any video hosting service(which support resumable video). Generally, I’ll recommend going with  Wistia or Vimeo for a premium product and Youtube for the free product.

Let me show you how to add video(clickable video image ) on your email step by step.

Step by step guide to add

Video Snapshot in Your Email.

We will use youtube(but it will work with any video host) as our video host because it’s free.

Step - 1

Select a youtube video you want to add in your email. (as shown on the figure below)

  1. Click on the share tab.
  2. Copy the link.
Step - 2
  1. Go to your email template in this case I’m using MailChimp(but it will work with all the email services)
  2. Hold and drag video tool in your email body and leave the mouse. (as shown on the figure below)
Step - 3

Paste the video link you have copied from SETP 1 and you will see the preview on your email body. And save it. (as shown on the figure below)

Now you can see it’s automatically generated image thumbnail well that’s what your user will see in their inbox and when they click on that image it will take to the youtube video.

If it’s the first time it will play from the start else it will resume it where they left off last time.

That’s it;

Now you know how to add “Resumable Video” in your email.

A step by step guide to add video snapshot in your email by #rahulgirihq

5. Signature

An ultimate emotional trigger and a personal touch.

Woo Rahul, seriously? I mean seriously.. a signature can increase my conversion rate?

I don’t think so!!!

Wait… my friend,

If you’re from earth(well, I’m guessing you are), you already know the power of a signature.

Adding signature will might not increase your conversion rate instantly, but it’s a powerful emotional trigger that will gently push your prospect one step forward for making a buying decision while increasing your authenticity and trust.

Ramit Sethi(my mentor) love to connect with his audiences personally, that’s why he uses his signature in every single email to give it a personal touch(It indicates that instead of his employee, he took time to get in touch with you and wanna hear what you have to say)… (see figure below).

Ramit Sethi is “one of the best” in online business; he is a shark. And if he uses these tactics to connect with his audiences personally and increase trust and reputation while being personal. You should do it too.

Below I will show how you can add signature in your email step by step.

let’s dive in!

Step by step guide to create and add

Signature in Your Email.

It’s pretty darn easy to add signature in your email (especially if you ever included a picture in your email), but still, I’m going to break this down into steps.

Step - 1
  1. Find a full white paper.
  2. Take a blue(or black) pen and do your signature in the centre of that white paper.

“But Rahul why with a blue pen? well because of human psychology there is the majority of people who uses a blue pen to do their signature, it feels very real.. also many experts recommend it, don’t forget it’s easy to turn it into black and white once it’s in your computer.”

Step - 2

Now you have two options

  1. Scan that paper OR
  2. Take the photo of paper with your phone and do some colour manipulation and cropping(size 100px*48px) just like yo do with normal photo
Step - 3

Visit your email template dashboard(MailChimp). and drag and drop image box to the bottom of you email body. (as shown on the figure below)

Step - 4

At right top click on the brows tab and select your picture.  (as shown on the figure below)

Step - 5

Now you have your signature right inside your email.  (as shown on the figure below)

That’s it;

Now you know how to add your “Signature” in email.

A step by step guide to create and add signature in your email by #rahulgirihq

6. Iconic Subject Lines (with 27 sale in 2 hour)

Don’t be fool by subject line. It’s the most critical part of your email success.

As i mentioned earlier i were recently working with an apparel e-commerce company (unfortunately I do not have their permission to share the name), they sell and distribute women apparels; i got referred by a friend for diagnosing why their last campaign failed measurably, so they asked for my help and also hired me to write their email sequences.

So I started diagnosing why last campaign failed, so I first checked email subject, and you know what.. that was worst than a mediocre “last day of sale- get it now” I mean come on, I didn’t expected this kind of email subject line from them. Then i checked email open rate, and it was 2.73%. There is only 1 product sale. I was like– seriously..?

I mean nobody and nobody bothered even to open their email. That’s what happens when you don’t know your clients as a best friend because you don’t care about them. You just care how much money you can make.

So I changed the subject line from “last day of sale- get it now” to “products of the week-almost sold out” and rewrote their emails.. 

These are the ingredients I used in emails-

  1. The countdown timer in the email body and in their website(the product will go away in 2hours)
  2. Animated GIF of primary products(Which we are selling)
  3. Detailed email(How they feel after wearing, they can impress their friends, boyfriend, husband, and family)
  4. Email from the CEO with signature
  5. In PS – Benefits bullet points

And because in their list almost 80% of women were working, I scheduled that email to go out on “10 pm”(IST) when all had dinner, and they are on bed checking their phones, and those open email rate instantly bumped up to 16.89% and I remember getting call at 12.04pm from owner saying thank you and letting me know that they had 27 sales by 12 pm within 2 hours.

“No matter how small or big you are, you should always focus on writing a subject line that appeals to your client emotions or creates mystery.”​​

It’s so crucial to have a tempting subject line, so your people can at-least bother to open your email.

Let’s say 

you are someone just opt-in in your mailing list, and you send your first welcome email.

  • “Thank you for subscribing.”
  • “You are now part of our family.”
  • “We are glad to have you,” and so on.

Now all those subject lines are good. But it can be shorter and better–

The best email subject line-

Ladies and gentleman allow me to show you one of the best welcome subject lines i have ever seen. Ready??? Here you go.

Selena Soo is publicity and marketing strategist, I recently signed up for her newsletter, and this is the welcome email I got from her, looks at the subject line. Just one word, “hi!”.

And I instantly opened it to see if she is personally messaged me 😉 “No.. obviously not,” but it felt so personal.

so why this email subject line is one of the best welcome subject lines I have seen?

As bigger your businesses grow, it’s become rarer to get touch with your client personally. And if you can give that personal touch to your email, you will win their heart and their credit card… hahahaa– no joke.

Here is my quote, I tell every single business i work with.

If you're serving human, be human.

Because that’s rare quality many businesses lacks today, they sound like a f**king business robot. Give me money. Give me, give me, give me.

Never do that

Touch their emotions, their feeling, try to solve their problem as a best friend– and they will die for you.

let’s get back to the point…

So how you get inspiration or idea for tempting subject lines.. well that’s what I’m about to share.

(1) Mark As Favourite

Check your inbox and “mark as favorite (star)” every email which made you click to open it. And analyze what made you click on that email and who it is, search for his(or her) all emails and check your reaction on their rest of email subject, you will find great nuggets for your next email subject.

(2) The Spam Folder

For great email subject idea(or inspiration), I generally like to scan my spam folder.

I know that sounds little crazy, but the truth is spammers are good at getting to open their emails, no I’m not suggesting to spam people, do not do that, it’s wrong, it’s annoying and illegal too.

What I’m suggesting is, learn from people who are good at what they do and spammers are good at getting open their email, so have a look what you can do ethically to get your email free while providing the value you’re promising in the subject line.

Remember you don’t have to be a copywriter or great email writer. You just have to be “human.”

(3) Subject Lines Length

Research shows around 41 characters is the optimal length for a subject line. Still, some marketing experts suggest going even shorter.

Backlinko founder Brian Dean says subject lines which on average do not exceed 16 characters have significantly higher open rates. He attributes this to two factors.

  1. Emails with shorter subject lines are more likely to be delivered.
  2. Brevity creates an air of mystery.

Per Dean’s thinking, the subject line “Are you available to meet today at 11?” (38 characters) doesn’t have quite the same impact as “Meeting at 11?” (14 characters).

(4) Use Icon In Subject Lines

If possible use emoji’s icon to better communicate your subject line, many studies say that having emoji give an instant human feeling, because in facebook, twitter, Instagram and in WhatsApp we always use emoji to express our feelings.

That’s why it’s pretty neat to use emojis in your subject lines- examples:

Oops, I made a mistake 🤦‍♀️

See it gives a better feeling that author made mistakes and emoji shows she’s(female emoji, for female customers) feeling bad about it. You can notice one more thing I placed it after subject; it’s depend on your subject line context where it fits. In the next line, i put it before the subject.

☎️ 1:1 Planning Session (Limited Quantity)

This before “Phone” emoji gives a feeling that we will get 1:1 voice call with the sender. And so on.

So emoji’s are a great way to boost your word feelings to the next level instantly.

Use Conversational Word I/Me/You

When writing email think you are writing it to your best friend. Use the conversational word, I/Me/You, do not use We.

Instead of We, use I/Me/You in your email, you have my permissions.

People love to open emails from their friends.
Here is “DigitalMarketer guide to writing perfect email subject” check it out. 

Thats’ it;

Now you know how to write powerful & compelling subject line. 

Writing iconic subject lines by #rahulgirihq

7. Post Script(PS)

An ultimate place to sell a product or increase engagement

Dozens of test have shown that almost 90% of people who open their email to read, they read first few lines and last few lines while skimming the page so adding summary after email body is an excellent place to catch their attention. Yes in PS.

Post-Script (PS) is writing added after the main body of a letter. You can add almost anything in PS, including your affiliate sales link to ask questions to email body summary, almost anything where you want to draw your audience attention.

There are many gurus who extensively use PS.

Ramit Sethi Uses PS in almost his Every single email. (see figure below)

One of the Biggest online marketing company in the world, Digital marketer’s co-founder & CEO Ryan Deiss also use PS to convey their main point message in email. Below is the screenshot of email copy.

So go ahead and test it out in your email, and if you are affiliate marketer, PS is your ultimate place to add your affiliate links.

That’s it;

Now you know how you can use PS to increase your sales or engagement .

Adding post script(PS) in your email by #rahulgirihq


Infographic, so you can hang it in your office wall for quick reference.

7 Ultimate Email Conversion Tactics 2019 INFOGRAPHIC
by #rahulgirihq


There you go…

Now you have 7 most power email conversion tactics under your belt.

And you can use these 4 tactics

  • Skimmable Email Body
  • Signature
  • Iconic Subject Line
  • Postscript (PS)

in any kind of email(and I’ll strongly recommend you do use).

Make sure to include

  • Countdown timers 
  • Animated GIF
  • Postscript (PS)

Tactics if you’re selling something.

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Most frequent questions and answers

I will recommend only these three colour.

  1. Black
  2. White
  3. Blue

Black- is web standard for signature and it’s the more recommended way to go on a light background.

Blue- gives a real signature feeling, because we generally use a blue pen to sign our documents. Many experts recommend a blue colour for signature(if possible). 

White- is for dark backgrounds.

Yes, Absolutely 100%.

If you are doing affiliate marketing and you’re petrifying selling directly to your audiences, then PS is an excellent place to sale it.

Remember when your audiences buy from PS, better next time go with your email directly.

Happy Success!!

It depends.

If you think that adding an emoji can improve your subject line emotionally or in a way it makes even more strong impact. Consider using it.

Yes, absolutely my friend.

BUT WAIT… there is one condition to be part of our family.

While getting help you must help our other family members to succeed, I promise. You will be able to help others, no matter how much you know because I’ll be at your side.

Done? YES– done Rahul.

Great, here is Email List Building & Email Marketing Private Group

Now It’s Your Turn

I’d like to hear what you have to say:

Which tactic from this post are you ready to try first?

Are you going to use countdown timer?


You’re ready to use fascinating GIF or others?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.


  • Hey Rahul,
    This is an awesome guide about email conversion. Exactly what I was looking for. I’m gonna use countdown timer first, thank you so much; you are the king of content writing.
    Just Waiting for your YouTube video, please let me know when you will make it.


    • Excellent, keep me posted how it goes, And
      Thank you for being here amit. This blog took me almost two months to write it. I’m working on youtube channel it will be live soon.

  • Oliver Smith says:

    Awesome post rahul, I’ll first gonna use the PS tactics where I add my affiliate link, because I do affiliate blogging, especially reviewing the fashion apparels for women.
    Thanks for the great post.

    • Great… go ahead use it and let me know how it goes. And thank you for shoutout Oliver

  • Great stuff, i agree that email subject line has to be really good… BTW I’m going to use countdown timer and gif.

  • Wow, it’s impressive to see this kind of detailed article online. Impressed and thank you!!

    • Hi Noah, it took me almost two months to plan and write it. thanks for noticing.


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